Welcome to Her Creative Chord

Click here for my non-fiction website: JLHodginsWrites!

Her Creative Chord is creative content by writer, poet, composer, musician, and educator, Jenny Leigh Hodgins. Her Creative Chord features essays, blogs, and poetry spanning topics from music education, creative process, spiritual wellness, and caregiver strategies.


An art experience, this website is a portal to ideas with direction for wide-open exploration determined solely by the reader.  Click on any drop-down menu at the top of each page to find an assortment of categories to explore.

Through her digital creative portfolio, writer Jenny Leigh Hodgins shows how multitudes of seemingly unrelated topics and events are mystically interconnected through the human experience.  It all comes down to the ‘treasures of the heart’*;  an unceasing journey toward humanism through self-motivated education, the struggle to master one’s mind and create compassion for others. 

Treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all’ is from the teachings of Nichiren Buddhism and refers to “the source of eternal victory and happiness…that we accumulate through taking action, based on faith, for people’s happiness—these alone will lead to eternally indestructible good fortune and become the source of all positive value in our lives.”

           –The Three Kinds of Treasure by SGI Study Department Leader Katsuji Saito

All photos, music, video and written content on this website by Jenny Leigh Hodgins       © 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018



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