Creative Extraordinaire!

Creative Extraordinaire!

Jenny Leigh Hodgins is a creative writer, exuberant thinker, passionate composer, progressive music-maker, and artist for peace. Her creative content weaves diverse angles from an artist’s perspective into the mutual connectedness of all things.

“All things are mutually related to and interdependent with all other things. They all form a great cosmos maintaining the rhythms of life.” –Daisaku Ikeda

Jenny Leigh Hodgins breathes creativity like air, passionately writes words and composes music and/or lyrics that reach you like a personal prayer. She is also crazy about organic gardening, clean eating, yoga, cycling, 1-button iPhone nature photos and raising butterflies. She has been an SGI-USA Buddhist for 31 years and lives in Lexington, Kentucky with two cats who came to her rescue. Read or listen to her creative content at:

https://HerCreativeChord.com                          https://Soundcloud.com/Jenny-Leigh-Hodgins

Need something written or composed?  Get Jenny Leigh Hodgins to create it!




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