by Jenny Leigh Hodgins 2009


An egret in my front lawn after a storm, Tampa Bay, Florida.

Bird, tiptoe-ing on the grassy bank,

Then, in stillness, frozen like icicles pose,

Gaze fixed, as if distant, yet attentive and

Whish, off you go, as if on high-speed rollerblades,

Zipping across the mud, toward your favorite dinner,

Swoop! Scoop! Snatch!

Yum! With your catch in beak, off you bolt,

Outstretched wings, perfect flight across the ripples

Rolling outward from your dip and theft.


Blue lake left quietly shimmering,

Symmetrical, soft waves rolling gently,

Pushing green grasses to and fro,

As if waving farewell to a visitor long departed

Yet not forgotten…