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Partial sun and blessed shade from a live oak above them allows Plumeria, Elephant Ears, Confederate Jasmine and Mambo Fern to thrive.


I’m creating a xeroscaped lawn with plants that enjoy the shade from a large live oak tree. Plants include ginger, poinsettia, spider plants, liriope, mexican petunia, aloe, snake plants, mambo fern, bromeliads, and philodendron.


As my garden has grown, I added paver pathways to allow entry from various points so the variety of plantlife could be enjoyed up close. Here are aloe, bromeliads, mambo fern, ginger, poinsetta, coleus, spiderplants, azalea, liriope, oakleaf hydrangea and summer hydrangea.


Though these lovely purple mexican petunias add a nice splash of color and a gentle wave of privacy, they must be monitored to keep them from spreading, as they are invasive. They are butterfly and hummingbird attractants, so I prefer to keep them well trained rather than eliminate them.


Vincas are full of color and hardy enough to handle Florida heat and heavy rains. In my gardens, they grow year round!

IMG_1142 IMG_1617 IMG_2270 IMG_2944 IMG_2966


Vincas bloom in a variety of colors, adding bursts of refreshment year round.


Zinnias are short-lived in hot Florida full sun, even with meticulous watering. But they are so beautiful, they’re worth planting!


Full sun in a Florida garden is challenging. These are some plants that have the power to survive: pineapple, ixora, sweet potato vines, rosemary, dragon tree, plumbago, allysium, bird of paradise, coral honeysuckle and morning glories.


This area behind my mailbox was full of weedy crabgrass when I bought my home in 2010. I draped plastic over it all, held firm with heavy concrete blocks, and left it alone for months. Later, I dug out remaining weeds and planted cuttings of spider plants, along with ferns and bromeliads split from my own garden. Within less than a year, this space has filled up, creating a lush side garden.


Hardy enough to withstand full sun: lantana, firebush, morning glory and sweet potato vines, and bougainvillea.


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