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Ever feel like you’ve given your 100% effort at a project only to find out your work was overlooked, left out, omitted?  How you react to this is a crucial factor in your success as a professional, not to mention your inner spirit!  Whew, I just had one of those grueling experiences!  I joined a film team to compose music within 24 hours for a 48 Hour Film Challenge.  I busted my *ss to create something in sync with the film director’s vision and to get quality work done in time for the deadline. I made it happen despite a serious challenge with an inflamed ear canal (just what a musician needs!).  I turned in all my audio electronically and held my breath waiting to see the film with my music score behind it.  Then, I got the text that the crew couldn’t make the film challenge deadline with my music included. Ugh! All that work for nothing!

But was it really?  Nah. Funny thing is, this sort of disappointment offers a springboard to launch forward professionally. And, inwardly, with that spirit mentioned earlier. Whatever the setback,  The most important things are that I learned from it and how I use the experience to improve myself and my work.  Pushing through the easy tendency to feel defeated, instead I count the things the situation gave me to appreciate:  1. I created quality new material, 2. I met my deadline, 3. I learned more about my craft, the technology, and my part as a film team member, 4. I did not allow myself to give up despite my own obstacles (ear pain!) and 5. I challenged myself at something new.

The point is that if I can look at a difficult situation with appreciation and a seeking mind, i.e., create value from the situation, I can use it to overcome disappointment and move forward with renewed vigor.  Everyone has those kinds of work challenges once in a while, or sometimes, frankly, a lot!  It’s how we respond that determines the direction of our success.

How do YOU respond?

Jenny Leigh Hodgins, Composer

Jenny Leigh Hodgins, Composer

P.S. Below are my music tracks I composed that didn’t get used in the film.  Does this music seem funny to you?  If so, I succeeded after all!

Funny Music 1

Funny Music 2


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