How To Feel The Sun

by Jenny Leigh Hodgins sun


What is there to gain from your pessimistic state?

There is nothing in that to help you overcome your fate

You must look inside yourself to find strength and to build faith

Turn away from doubt and darkness—Do it now. It’s not too late

All your dreams are only waiting for you to push open the door

If you leave them in the shadows, you will only suffer more

The only way to find the value of the storms you have endured

is through believing in yourself and in the hope of moving forward

Don’t give in to the heartache or the burden of the day

Keep your eyes ever toward getting through in your own way

Don’t allow anyone else to pull you down into despair

It is just this kind of feeling that you must always beware

Standing firmly on the basis of your own inner power

You must shine like the sun lights the petals of a flower;

Always warm, always strong–Always there behind the clouds

Ever bright. Ever wise. Ever ready to come out.

Never dark, never gloomy. Never willing to give in.

You must be like the sun if you ever hope to win.

In your heart, you have everything you need to break through

You must awaken to the fact that it all depends on you

There, inside, a battle wages between your darkness and light

You must focus all your energy on keeping victory in sight

If you have no hope, you must create it there

If you have no joy, you must make your joy appear

Through yourself, through your heart, this is how to overcome

Through your efforts to believe–This is how to feel the sun.



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