I Will Live Like The Flower

 by Jenny Leigh Hodgins © 2000

There are days when I feel isolation and loneliness,

But fighting to continue through is the only way to secure happiness.

So now I will take a moment to solidify my prayer

Staking everything in my heart on getting there

I will live up to my own promise of being a person who

Never gives up the struggle until the moment of breaking through.

The difficulty, of course, lies within the depths of my own heart–

Facing my own weakness is the only place to start

As I defeat my own darkness, everything will move…

Getting through my demons leads me back to truth.

It is from the point within me that I begin to change…

This is how I will bring all my dreams within range.

Only through sheer effort on my part will I win.

This is how I will push myself again and again.

Somehow, from this inner point of ever deepening faith,

I will open up myself, shining light to lead the way.

For my friends, my family and everyone around me,

I will transform myself into a person of belief.

It is this kind of power that begins inside of me

That will grow like a flower bursting forth in early spring…


How we marvel at its beauty and the fragrance that it sends!

How amazing that it rises in spite of heavy rain and winds!

This is life, in its glory; this is what we have inside!

This is the joy and beauty inherent in all that is alive!

And though I find it easy to perceive a flower’s youth,

It takes a leap of faith to find it lies in me and you.

Still, the essence of a victory over any kind of pain

Is this simple youthful spirit to go forward once again.

So I go—my own way—with this pledge inside my heart;

I will live like the flower and make my life an art!

Expressing my true self, reaching ever for the sun,

Overcoming every sorrow, let me show you how it’s done!


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