In A Simple Moment

ByJenny Leigh Hodgins 2009


In a simple moment,

(like the kind that seems so unimportant)

I had my chance with you,

But let it slip away like ashes blew…

Memories like this,

Of days you came to me but I missed

opportunity with you–

Passed it by just like the wind blows through

the window of my heart

as I recall how hard

it hit when you disappeared

and left me standing here

alone with my frustration–

blaming my hesitation and

the wall I hid behind

keeping myself inside

far away from you

Now—Nothing I can do because you’re gone.

In a simple moment,

time is a mystery and inconsequent

You are as real inside of me

as the summer air that I breathe

Moments like this,

I feel you with me, like a kiss

blown away from your hand—

Passing through me like when I understand

the window of my heart–

How beautiful the art

it sings when it feels you are there–

Connected to me somewhere

deep within my life

Briefly coincide…

Calming with your boldness

–Your way to luminesce

a deeper meaning,

Now—It’s like I’m dreaming ‘cause you’re gone.


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