It’s Empty

It’s empty, like opening the door but no one is there.

Awkward and odd, like waking up in an unfamiliar place expecting the usual.

Eerie, to see everyone I love so dearly in normal circumstances carrying on like they have holes in their hearts, hidden beneath the chatter.

There is a loud elephant in every room, roaring your absence, the void.

We are circus trainers, put upon to catch this wild animal of loss, without nets or whips for protection.

Feels like falling without a net, dropping from my fear of heights.

Blundering into the darkness alone and yet we are together without you.

It’s empty, like the moment when the sun disappears and night begins.

Quiet and still, but the memories and emotion overwhelm me with fullness.

I speak to you within my heart, as if our conversation never stopped.

I listen for your voice from within the rustle of leaves and rain.

I hear nothing but feel it all.

It’s empty.