My Perfection

by Jenny Leigh Hodgins 2008


Everything does not have to be done today;

My perfect home, my masterpiece,

My perfect marriage to my soulmate

My complete and total fitness,

My work plans laid out in advance,

My one hundred percent victory in finance

No, everything does not have to be perfect now.


My elevated status, My enlightenment,

My complete transformation

In my personal development,

My overwhelming ability to

Handle everything with charm,

If I don’t make it happen in this moment,

It won’t set off any alarm.


Everything does not have to be superiority

In my proper, orderly way

No pressing need for my ducks in a row

No deadline looming

for Ultimate Accomplishment

No penalty waits

for not moving at ultra-high speed

No sky will fall, no death to us all

No horrible stop to our spinning planet

No, my perfection is not crucial

for life as we know it.


Tell my voice inside my head

I can relax and go to bed

Tell my heart that’s pumping steam

I can fulfill my life-long dream

In tiny steps, in bits of time,

–in increments, it’s not a crime

To give myself some breathing space

To stretch or float, to rest my case

And take it easy on myself

Leave things sitting on a shelf


Just for a moment to take things in

Get back in the groove again

Absorb, enjoy, experience life

Appreciate what I’ve got inside

Let go of crazy expectations

Allow all kinds of fluctuations

As simply colors on my canvas

Painting all my dramas mammoth

Rolling over obstacles and detours

With lines and strokes to open new doors

For exploration to truly define

My journey as myself, Divine.


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