Film Scoring Practice Facebook group for composers

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Tailored Niche For Composers

Facing the unceasingly busy swarms of social media groups vying for the attention of composers across the globe, UK-based Violinist/Composer, Victor Lloyd got an idea for a very specific niche. There are plenty of online groups and forums that address film score composers, allow self-promoting music/video posts, and that offer resources on film scoring.

Chance For Real Practice

However, Lloyd launched his unique idea for an online global group that would address, in particular, composers interested in practicing the art of film scoring. Even further, Lloyd envisioned a kind of community-led masterclass, with open discussions providing supportive, honest, constructive feedback to all participating members, regardless of musical background, training, level of professionalism, income, locale, or other differences.

Composer Committee Launches Group 

Gathering seven additional administrators with diverse musical journeys (including five men and two women spanning Italy, Ireland, UK, Australia and USA), to share the load of moderation and technical tasks, Lloyd and his composer committee started Film Scoring Practice (FSP) Facebook group on December 3, 2017. Within 30 days, the newly formed composer community (see full admin list below) grew to 2,000+ members, and is averaging an addition of 40-100+ new members daily.


One of a Kind

FSP group stands out as the only group known to be offering weekly film scoring practice assignments, and positive peer feedback specifically focused toward each participating member’s development as a composer. FSP offers several weekly opportunities for members to practice their skills at composing to picture, improving their technology skills with mixing, mastering, and using virtual instruments and digital audio workstations.  Additionally, members may post any original composition for peer feedback and exposure, so long as they accept constructive criticism politely, and do their part in listening and offering positive feedback on fellow composers’ music.

Be Nice

Administrators monitor discussions to maintain the group’s requirement of giving and receiving constructive criticism in a polite tone. That wholly famous artistic temperament, known for egotistical complaining or berating of fellow musicians is absolutely not tolerated from any member in FSP. In the vast online culture of competitive self-promotion, and ego-based, cruel commentary, FSP’s mutually supportive atmosphere delivers a refreshing change for composers everywhere. Since the group began, members have expressed appreciation for the positive, supportive tone of FSP community, apparently not as evident in similar online groups.

Active Engagement 

Apart from abiding by the group rules to only post music within admin-approved weekly discussion threads, the group also functions as a forum for composers to ask and answer any question, and/or chime in with resources, helpful advice and expertise. Members share experiences, tips for learning a multitude of music-related skills, and explore the diversity of talent within the weekly assignment posts.  Engagement and growth is steady, according to Facebook group and management insights.

Spinning Wheels

Lloyd’s original idea has exploded with interested composers joining in discussions, assignments, and offering resources to peers.  As the group grows, Lloyd’s wheels are already spinning toward development of an in-house agency with diverse, genre-specific, talented composers for film, TV and corporate projects. Watch for an upcoming series of articles tracking the successful development and future plans of FSP!

Join Film Scoring Practice

If you’d like to join FSP, be sure to answer the member request questions to be admitted to the group.

FSP Administrator Music Links:

Victor Lloyd/UK   Adrian Sealy/USA          Stephen Rockey/UK         Rich Aitken/UK 

Andrea Casagrande/Ireland        Bryce Francis/Australia         Jenny Leigh Hodgins/USA

Caroline-Jayne Gleave/UK  

Watch Film Scoring Practice Promo Video:


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