Pause Check Stand Stop

By Jenny Leigh Hodgins  2009

You bear the burden

–walk the narrow pathway

of doing what is right…

No thanks,

No acknowledgement,

Throw yourself into

task after task, day after day,

with a heart of service,

and a heart of kindness…

Pause to see the beauty

in your mirror

as you pass it by

on your way for others..

Check to notice yourself

glowing brightly

from the light you shine

to help others find a way…

Stop to recognize that

You are winning.

Keep on actively

giving your all as you

move in orbit within

the world of faith.

Growing in energy

with each step,

for each bond

created from sincere prayers;

Like drops of rain build

rushing rivers and

emerging ocean waves…

Stand to breathe your courage

rising from your life

as you push beyond

your previous limits…

Stay to feel completely

your beating heart

syncing in rhythm

with your mentor’s spirit…

Stop to celebrate that

You are powerful.


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