Peel Another Layer


By Jenny Leigh Hodgins


Like artichoke petals, there are layers

around my heart. Through my prayers

to overcome my weakness (tapped with you),

I have discovered how much I’ve left to do


Through my faith I am fighting to see

how to peel another layer from the heart of me

I am learning, even with the years behind

I still have work to do to finally

break free of the karma, all our drama, dancing in my head

So I find you, and our issues are my spiritual thread

to face within myself, the truth of where I am

Digging deep here, pouring out my soul to understand


To peel a layer away, I do not intend to dwell,

but instead to shine a light inside this dark of hell

that has lodged itself within my life far too long

I pray from now to open up a new sound and song

Something that sings my love, my truest self aloud

and the only way to let this new music out

is for me to get to the root of my own tendencies

And you are the last chapter in this romantic history.


So I sit here in my solitude, in sync with my Divine

To peel away a layer from this artichoke of mine

And what I see, is plainly me, holding lock and key,

I pray for strength to do what it takes to open and set free

this part of me, this protected aspect of my heart,

I know at least, if nothing else, this is the place to start.