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Find my writer-portfolio at: JLHodginsWrites.com

CONTENT CREATION By Jenny Leigh Hodgins

Need something written?  Let me be the solution to your content needs!  
JennyLeighHodgins@icloud.com – Version 2

I am a creative writer specializing in persuasive lifestyle, and comprehensive, educational content. I write about caregiving, spirituality/personal growth, nature, gardening, cycling, as well as music education, piano education, music technology, composition, composers, and the creative process.

My previous 30-year career as a professional pianist/vocalist, and (private and public school) music educator allows me the edge of expertise in music-related niches. I am co-founder/admin, and content writer for Film Scoring & Orchestration Applied and Women Composers Collective Facebook groups (5100+ members), dedicated spaces for composers and music-producers to gain hands-on practice, peer feedback in a diversity-supportive community. I’m also founder and chief operating officer of Team4MusicandSound, an audio post production team.

I write for online and print publications, and/or businesses with websites needing blog and/or creative content, that motivates, inspires, or educates their customers. Whether you need soul-inspiring digital or print content, or comprehensive, relevant-to-task information tailored to your target audience, I am ready to create the perfect solution to your written content needs!

Need something written? Hire ME to create it!



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One thought on “Writing Portfolio

  1. Jenny Leigh Hodgins functions as a co-admin, writer and has developed a greater social media presence for our composer-specific Facebook group, Film Scoring Practice since its inception on December 3, 2017. As founder of FSP, I highly recommend her for her writing skills, as she represents our group’s online presence with professionalism. She’s friendly, easy to work with, meets deadlines quickly and her writings and promo- pieces have helped our group grow rapidly to 3400+ members in less than 7 weeks.

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