Savor, Depart

by Jenny Leigh Hodgins


Why did I go so deep, hurt so bad, fall so hard?

What was it that I had sensed from you?

Touched so light, felt so warm?

You really got to the heart of me.

You really got into my soul—deep.

I know we touched love there.

I know how much we both cared.

So why did everything go wrong?

Why did it all take so long—

to get to the point of leaving—

to get to the place of believing?

Only to watch it all fall away from us—

Only to feel that we’d broken all trust.

How could it happen to such a precious bond?

How could the good between us be gone?

What did I do? What happened to you?

What made it break? Why this heartache?

All I can find when I look at it all

is how much it hurt us—How hard the fall.

When someone you love with your heart and soul

hurts you so much—You have to let go.

When someone you gave all of your life—

Pushes you away—You just say goodbye.

You don’t ask why—You don’t look back.

You may need to cry—You may lose track.

But when someone you love brings nothing but pain,

Enough is enough—just walk away.

Savor the memories of touching a soul.

Savor the moment of genuine gold.

Treasure the times when you met heart to heart,

But let it all go when it comes time to part.

Hold on to the truth you found on the day

when someone got through in the most profound way.

Hold on to the joy you shared from the start,

But be sure to pull out to survive with your heart.