Saying Goodbye To My Father

By Jenny Leigh Hodgins  2014


It’s tough, these life and death moments

When I feel your heart with me

And sense all my memories with you

From recent years to early childhood memories

As if they are all bundled up in one big roll

Like a collage of photos snapshotting our love.

Overwhelmed by the swelling of my feelings

I hear your thunderous roar, your unstoppable courage

Resonates in my ears, like a dynamic symphony

Playing a million notes of harmonious melodies

All of which blasts your triumphant march from life into after life…

The audio of piano music on this page is Claire De Lune by Debussy, performed by Jenny Leigh Hodgins for her father’s memorial service, January, 2014.  This piece was her father’s favorite music and requested by him.


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