Losing a loved one is a delicate, personal journey.  I find I’m able to feel and communicate with my lost loved ones when I’m in the natural elements.  Somehow the quiet wind, the warm sun, the rhythmic crickets surround my heart like a soft blanket of comfort, and allow me to remember my unbroken bonds with those beyond this existence. This poem is one that expresses my singular connection with my deeply loved one, and nature is the medium…


by Jenny Leigh Hodgins 2004

If I had my own little space

Where I could sit and

have some peace,

I would take my sweet time

And just breathe and breathe

All the fresh air around me…

And this would be my place of refuge

Where no one could bother me–

And I would use my memories

With all their colors and volume

And those moments of silence,

To remember you…

If I had my own creative home

Where I could lie and

dream my dreams,

I would weave you golden stories

And sing you melodies…

All the music pulsing within my heart

Would bring you home inside of me

Where no one could interfere…

And I would use our time there–

With all its leisure and meaning

And those rhythmic beats between us-

To remember you…

If I had my own secret tree

Where I could climb high

to see the view,

I would look up at you

And just send you love like a butterfly

Paints its pattern in the sky…

And this would be

my solace and comfort

Where only you would see me

And I would use our spiritual thread

To sew beautiful tapestries

And wrap them tightly around me,

To remember you…

I believe you are right beside me;

In the air I breathe, in the sky so free,

In the ocean that rolls

around the earth,

In the wings of every bird…

I believe you were meant to be

Forever wrapped around my soul,

A spring of love where-ever I go,

To Remember You…


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