Jenny Leigh Hodgins 2009


Today is my birthday…

Fresh slate, new dawn!

Begin–lay out the way…

Let past be gone!


Discard the old to see

Unpaved pathway–

My opportunity–

Chance to portray


Who I am, who I’ll be

Now and future

Starting inside of me…

This overture,


Musical drama, soars!

Shaping, singing,

Creating unique course

Moving, leading,


Guiding me now forward

With new vision

Life is going toward–

Sense of mission


Shedding walls holding back

Open, true heart

Launching with full attack

Breaking apart


Rusty habits, Let go!

Emerge, arise

Reveal, inspire, flow!

Seize the true prize;


It’s this single moment;

Time condenses

Life in this one fragment–

Where my joy is.