Believing In The Positive


Have you ever realized that despite wanting to blame your personal failures or inability to accomplish your goals on external things like circumstances or people in your environment, the real reason you are unable to reach your goals is that you are your biggest obstacle? It is your own doubt of your ability that keeps you from crossing that victorious finish line.

We all have our obstacles; we’re mystically either born poor, or rich, beautiful or plain, athletic or clumsy, creatively-inclined or blocked, healthy or unwell, connected or isolated, and so on. But the truth is that even those with the most challenging circumstances often succeed well beyond what others, with seemingly much more positive odds stacked in their favor, only dream about. In the game of life, having more fortunate circumstances does not fundamentally determine success or happiness.


If we would move forward through our respective difficulties with the inner determination that comes from solid self-confidence, we would feel the empowerment that core belief brings. This self-empowerment fuels the discovery of our own resources to persevere toward one accomplishment after another. Believing in human potential, in our inherent capabilities is itself the powerful drive that enables successful people to win over incredible odds.

There are myriad examples of these kinds of success stories throughout history. Helen Keller, Franklin Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Edison are great examples of people who overcame health issues, poverty and multiple failures to emerge as strong, powerful, balanced, happy and successful role models whom others aspire to emulate.

Attaining this kind of inner faith is not about self-centeredness. It is about believing in the positive potential within life itself. But it is nearly impossible to see the highest potential in others if you cannot find it in yourself. And vice versa. The possibilities are astounding if you consider the impact of believing in the positive capacity within yourself and of those in your daily environment.


Imagine how that would transform your view of daily life. How would finding the infinite potential within yourself and others change our world? Imagine how your day, your week, your life would play out if you started thinking:

“I am doing enough. I am on the right track to my happiness. I’m making the right causes toward success because I’m sincerely focused on developing compassion, wisdom, taking responsibility, being the best I can be, and contributing to others. I trust in my own potential. I know that I will reach my goals, so time is inconsequent.”

Imagine how your work-life, family, and community would be different if you thought, “I trust this person will do the right thing, get the job done, step up, has the best of intentions.” Fighting against your negative tendencies to see the better side of people goes a long way toward building both inner happiness and a more harmonious world.

Let’s face it, we’re all working against problems within ourselves, our histories, our daily situations. But we all basically want to be at peace and happy. Let’s focus on that commonality, building trust that we each have what it takes to make the world a better place.


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