What Did I Build?

A poem by Jenny Leigh Hodgins



Wrote a new chapter

Left old memories

Broken pieces, unanswered questions

Dark struggles of my life behind.

Let it all go–Floating away from me

Like leaves on the wind—traveling light and far away…


Started again with nothing but a prayer–and a touch of relentlessness

Took quite a risk going this way

Alone once more on a path unknown

Cutting through doubt-weeds in my mind

With the persistence of a butterfly pushing against her chrysalis wall

Until it bursts open wide


Jumped right into new adventure

Embracing challenge with gusto and tenacity

Pushing through mountains of obstacles in my face

Luckily I had the grace of kindness from friends who

Support me on my journey like an army of feisty ants teaming together

To build their home…


Make a new layer–a foundation beneath me

Something to hold my dreams up

While I continue to build–step by step–from the blueprint inside my heart

Piece by piece, each new place–a significant scene in my drama

Thread by thread, my tapestry grows; each new color tells my story

Of endurance, discovery and hope.


What did I build?

A life of strength

A heart of treasures

A beautiful song

A mind of faith.

From now it takes bold, new direction

Expanding outward

Touching lives within my scope

Embracing soul to soul with

This powerful light of vision

As I fulfill my mission…

Sunflower facing the light

Sunflower facing the light…