What Is It About Poetry?

What Is It About Poetry?

by Jenny Leigh Hodgins 2009

What is it about poetry?

I don’t understand it.

What are they saying?

Wars and angels, underground heroes,

Torpedos of emotional baggage, blitz.

None of this makes any sense to me.


When I hear of poetry, I want to read;

Love, Life, Ultimate Joy in the simplest of things,

Authentic voices speaking of what they believe,

Wisdom elucidating personal suffering,

Meaning gleaned from ordinary beings.


I don’t wanna read stuff with no obvious meaning.

I have no patience for reading between lines

of some well-educated writer of nonsensical verse.

I have no need for the postings of ugly, angry,

bitter kings from Planet Publication—


Our world is tumbling through terrible karma—

Let’s hear from the poet who sees through this mess,

finding inherently good in the next

person who’s struggling to overcome pain

Let’s hear words of the poet who stands for us all

A person of guidance, with light from within

I want to read poetry like that again.


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